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Posted By admin on 02/26/13 - Bookmark Rhino's Hardcore Porn Videos

Back in my day if you wanted to watch a hardcore sex video of a hot babe fucking her bartender you would have had to get in your car and drive yourself to the seedy part of town where the adult sex stores are. These days you can enjoy hot hardcore sex videos without having to drive anywhere. Not only that, you can do so for free!

They call it “surfing the web”, but in reality you are sitting on your ass. Like an Egyptian Pharaoh being fed grapes by your servants you can kick back and relax as the Porner Bros bring the hardcore sex videos to your computer in high definition.

These sex videos are extremely long. The vast majority of videos on the site are entire scenes long. Many are over an hour long. Some are an entire porn DVD ripped and uploaded for your enjoyment.

Joining the site is completely free and gives you the ability to do stuff like keep a favorite videos list and participate in the community forum. Free unregistered viewers can watch videos all day long without any restrictions. So why aren’t you enjoying the free porn?

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Posted By admin on 02/25/13 - Bookmark Rhino's Hardcore Porn Videos


As far as free porn videos go they just don’t get any better than this one from PornDot.com. This vivaciously thick babe has some juicy titties that jiggle and wiggle as her cunt is crammed with man meat. God put this babe on the Earth to make babies. While she isn’t going to be making any babies any time soon that doesn’t mean she can’t get in a lot of practice.

I used to trek from one side of the Internet to the other trying to find good porn videos. I am sure you have made that trek more than a few times as well. I stopped wasting my time searching for shit because this site does all of the searching for me.

By using advanced technologies they aggregate the hottest videos from every other tube site into one jam packed tube site. Videos are loaded throughout the day so make sure you bookmark and check back often.

Since I started using PornDot.com for my free porn videos search I have made some inroads with my wife. My kids get more time with their dad since I don’t have to waste vast amounts of time searching for porn anymore. My boss loves me. My coworkers have noticed I am more rested and less confrontational.

Who would have thought a porn site could make these kinds of changes in a guys life?

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Posted By admin on 02/05/13 - Bookmark Rhino's Hardcore Porn Videos

I found these videos from the Pure CFNM Who’s Watching episode and they totally reminded me of a CFNM experience from my youth. Ever since that day I have had an obsession with CFNM porn videos. I can’t explain why, but being humiliated by clothed women is kind of addicting!

The girl that got me started was named Starr. Yes, people actually name their children Starr and don’t expect them to immediately associate them-selves with strippers and prostitutes upon hitting puberty.

She was a punk rock girl and most people thought she was a lesbian since she never seemed to have a boyfriend. One day she asked me to come with her to her foster parents house as they were going to be out of town. I got the impression she might have had a crush on me so it didn’t seem to odd of a request.

Once I got there we started kissing and she reached for my hardon. When I tried getting into her panties she suggested we go upstairs to her room. Once inside she told me she wanted to blindfold me. I figured maybe she had some scars or something she didn’t want me to see or something, so I complied.

Starr took off my shirt and then my pants. I tried taking off her shirt, but again, she stopped me and pulled off my underwear. Next she pushed me back onto her bed and began to stroke me off. When I suddenly felt something very wet and warm on my cock I almost blew my load right into her mouth!

"How about some music?" She asked before popping up from the bed and turning on her stereo. The stereo became muffled and I felt her fitting old style headphones over my ears. With them on I couldn’t hear anything else. I felt that warmness on my cock again and I relaxed. I put my hands on either wide of her head as it bounced up and down on me.

Then things got even stranger. Starr handcuffed my wrists and tied them to the bed so that I couldn’t move them away from my hips. She slipped something soft and silky onto one of my legs and then the other pulling them up until they covered my crotch. Did she just put silk panties on me? WTF?

She began kissing me again and riding me as well. We were dry humping for what seemed like forever. My cock wanted to explode. Then she jumped off of me and was gone for over a minute. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t even know if she was still in the room.

I felt down around my waist to see what she had put on me. They seemed to be a frilly pair of panties made out of satin or some other soft material. Was she taking pictures of me? I wouldn’t have any way of knowing.

When I was finally ready to start freaking out she started stroking my hardon again. I felt myself calming down and getting into the moment. Her hand let go right as I was getting close to cumming. Then it was back again. Fast and harder this time. Once I was ready to burst she stopped. I thought about grabbing it myself and finishing the job, but I didn’t know what this bitch was up to.

After several starts and stops she placed my hand on my cock. Fine. If she wanted to watch me jerk myself off so be it. I needed to cum!

I put my hand inside the panties and started beating off. Starr reached in and pulled my hand out of the panties placing it on my cock again. She wanted me to stroke myself off through the panties? Whatever! I beat myself off feverishly to make up for the loss of sensation from beating it through the material.

Just as I was about to cum and there was no stopping me Starr removed my blindfold. The room was filled with girls she hung out with. My face went beet red. Already over the edge my cock burst cum into the panties. I could feel my warm sticky fluid pumping out of my cock onto my stomach and crotch. The panties were getting soaked and the girls were busting up laughing at me.

Starr removed the headphones and the girls all taunted me wondering if I liked my pink little girl panties. I looked down and saw that I was wearing some Hello Kitty panties with ruffles around the legs. I tried busting out of the cuffs or to get the rope to snap but it wouldn’t. To my horror the girls began flipping over pictures of me jerking myself off so that I could see them.

"You are going to come over anytime I ask you to and be our little slave or these pictures are going to be posted in every classroom on campus. Do you hear me?" Starr asked me in a stern voice.

There was nothing I could do except agree. Over time I would come to enjoy myself. To enjoy the abuse. To enjoy the company of my captors.

Pure CFNM is simply the hottest site on the CFNM scene. They update twice a week and have been open for over seven years. That is a lot of updates for you to instantly be able to view and download!

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